Thank you for your interest in protecting Maine from Stormwater pollution.

Preserving the natural beauty of Maine is critical for the enrichment of future generations.

What is our goal?

Track Pollution

Check out our LitteRadar! We use geographic data collection to identify the biggest sources of water pollution. This lets us maximize our effectiveness when it’s time to address the problem.

Raise Awareness

Creating public awareness campaigns that have a positive impact on people’s waste disposal habits.

Work Together

Reducing water pollution is something everyone can collaborate on and everyone can reap the benefits of. Let’s Keep Maine Beautiful!

Stormwater pollution prevention gives us a chance to nurture both healthy waters and a healthy community based on custodial values.

Residents in Southern Maine stenciling their storm drains as a reminder not to pollute.

About Us

Southern Maine Stormwater Working Group (SMSWG) is a conference of five towns in Southern Maine dedicated to reducing stormwater pollution.

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